Obsessed – Day 35 – Oh the Struggle

Today was a great and productive day for work and good fun was had texting with my team at work. I met a ton of new customers today which is always rewarding. Then after work I came back to my airbnb and the struggle became so real.

After drinking my pre-workout and waiting the appropriate time, I pushed play and started my workout.

This is right before the final set of the 3rd round of Day 35. I was literally fighting back vomiting. But I finished after a 30 second pause. I wanted to quit but Autumn Calabrese had just said, “hit pause but DONT QUIT” so how could I quit?!

I love this program because I push myself harder than I have ever pushed myself. I lift heavier each week and try harder each day to do more than I did yesterday. I am 42 years old and in the best shape of my life. I still have a LONG way to go but I believe that by the end of these 80 days, I’m going to be the bombshell I’ve always wanted to be. The biggest motivator for me is that for the first time ever, in my life, I’m doing this for my. Both my parents have diabetes from obesity. When I started out with Beachbody in Jan 2017, I was at my heaviest outside of pregnancy. I’m 25 pounds lighter today but sooo many inches smaller and 10 times stronger. Most of that has come in the last 35 days. I wake up in gratitude everyday for the healthier choices that come so easy to me now. Cravings are GONE! I cant wait to post my 40 pictures.

I ate very clean today but am still struggling with digestions issues. They are getting better but traveling takes its toll on me. I have to get that part figured out.

Now to finish my favorite movie Lord of the Rings, get some work done and then get to bed.


Day 34 – Cardio and The Club House

I mentioned yesterday that I was in New Mexico and that I had rented an airbnb for the first time in a while. What I didn’t mention was that the house I’m staying in was built in 1930 and that it was originally a Harley Davidson Motorcycle Club House. I grew up around Harley’s. My late uncle was a biker for my entire life. He took me for my first ride at 6 years old. I rode for much of my life until too many people I knew died or were severely injured on motorcycles. Then it just became no fun because I allowed my fear to take over. Anyhow, back to how cool this house is, there are tons of originals and even burn marks still in the wood floors from motorcycle burnouts. I find the history of this place remarkable and its one of the things I love about airbnb. You just never know what kind of jewel you’re going to fine. Today this place is a quaint house with some very modern features like a nice kitchen I can cook in.

As for my workout, I almost talked myself out of it today. I’m still suffering from digestion problems thanks to eating chocolate….how sad does that sentence make you? It makes me terribly sad. But I got it done and did really well actually. Cardio is my least favorite workout. But I’m so glad its done and day 33 of 80 is complete. Next up….Wednesday!!! Half way through the week already!

~sleep tight

Obsessed – Day 20 – Unbelievable Fatigue

Today is my 20th day on this program.  While I’ve struggled with my nutrition due to the travel with other people, I’ve killed my workouts.  Even making up a missed workout by doing two in one day.  But today was the HARDEST day I’ve had yet.

I didn’t sleep as well as I’d hoped to last night and I was awake for the day by 6:15 this morning.  I had the best intentions, last night, of rising, shining, eating a pre-workout meal and getting my cardio jam on!  Here’s what really happened.  I came downstairs more sluggish than I’ve felt in a very long time.  I made some coffee and had two cups and just could not wake up.  I cooked my pre-workout meal and ate but just could not find the energy.  Then came the espresso shots which helped a lot.  I have a fantastic espresso machine and come amazing Blue Jamaican coffee that I had shipped in from Italy and it made the best espresso shots I’ve had since I was in Italy in January.  I HAD 3!


Add the pre-workout drink I drink to that and I was BUZZING!!!! I got my workout done which was a 30 minute cardio workout (the same one I’ve done the last two Saturdays/Sundays) and today we did it in 24 minutes with 6 minutes of stretching at the end.  I literally had sweat dripping into my eyes.  That is one of the most grueling and advanced cardio routines I’ve ever done.  If you want to know more about this, message me.  By the time the workout came to an end, my body was toast.  We had errands to run today and I could bare muster the nerve to get in the shower and get dressed.


My almost mule kick


Inversion feels so good

We ran our errands and came home, all the while I’m “complaining” or “whining” about how tired my body is and sat down to go over our budget.  I still need to cook dinner and it’s nearly 5:30 at this point.  Finally I find the energy to cook dinner and it was fabulous and I found some new energy for that moment.

Chicken Tinga Tacos

All my ingredients

The Finished Product

Now, here we are at 8:50 Mountain Time and I’m back to complete exhaustion.  I’m loving this program I’m doing so much.  But I’ve never been more excited for a rest day in my life I think.  The results will be better than I think I could imagine when I’m through these 80 days.

As for my nutrition….

It was fine all day but I was not able to eat as much as my meal plan calls for.  I just wasn’t as hungry today as I usually am.  I chalk that up to my physical fatigue.  I’m sharing a couple of pictures for you from my day and will bid you all a good night now.

Don’t forget it’s daylight savings!  Spring Forward tonight!

Obsessed – Day 19 – Travel Day/Leg Day


Today was a real test of my patience….

This morning started out with me going to the airport in Phoenix and arriving past the baggage check cut off which meant there was no guarantee that my luggage would make it to Denver. After a very smooth flight, I ran down to baggage claim to see if my bags made it and they did not. So I sat in the airport for almost 3 hours waiting for my bags to come in. They finally did.

I very happily began my drive home to Colorado Springs when I encountered unusually heavy traffic which seemed to be for no reason, much slower cars than what the speed limit called for, and many tailgaters that made me uneasy.

Having had no food in any circumstance at this point I have been asked to stop by Chick-fil-A and get Tyler a sandwich and I thought to myself, “Perfect! I can get the grilled chicken wrap for a pre-workout meal.” Alas, the new Chick-fil-A has not opened yes and therefore I would have to g back across town. My boyfriend being the remarkably understanding man that he is suggested that I just run by the grocery store and pick up a few things that we could fix quickly at home. And that is what I did. I ended up having a sandwich.

Two hours later I got leg day done and it was amazing. I completed my meal plan for this coming week which took a very long time. We went grocery shopping and got everything that we needed to have the most successful nutritional week I’ve had yet. And I while I didn’t have great timed nutrition today, I didn’t let the aggravation of my day throw me into an eating spiral. I had my Chick-fil-A grilled chicken wrap for a post workout meal, I had my incredibly healthy nutrient dense shake and now I’m heading to bed with much excitement for the coming week.

What meal planning looks like for me

PS- I have great recipes to film for you!

~welcome to the weekend!

Obsessed – Day 18 – WHOA!

This will be a short and sweet wrapup of the day.

I had a really long day with limited food until dinner. I got my workout in later this afternoon. Then went to a Brazilian steakhouse and probably ate way too much protein. It was delicious. I am really starting to see some changes in my body and I’m excited about that. And I go home tomorrow and will get to spend multiple days in a row cooking my own meals and eating on the timeline that I’m supposed to be. I am really excited and will share this next week with much enthusiasm and great details as well as some recipes.

Obsessed – Day 17 – Changing

Wednesday is challenging because its cardio day.  I’m not a fan of cardio at all and have never pretended to be.  Today was cardio core which means that I do 30 seconds of low impact, 30 seconds of high impact for a total of 3 minutes and then 10 reps of a core exercise that is done with the sliders you see in the featured picture.  It’s a very intense workout and it’s only 30 minutes long.

Things I’m learning about myself as I change on a daily basis:

  1. I am much better when I do my workouts in the morning.  This week I’m traveling with a new addition to my team, getting him trained and showing him what we do.  Because of this, we’re meeting for breakfast and then heading out for the day earlier than I normally would in an effort to pack as much into the day as possible.  So far, this week, I’ve only worked out in the evenings and my energy (even with my pre-workout) is not nearly as high as it is when I workout in the morning.  I’m also dreading it because I’ve been working hard all day and don’t want to work out. I can’t do my workouts in the morning under these circumstances because I’m working too late into the evening as well and therefore, won’t get enough sleep if I do.  I’m still getting the workout done, just modifying more than I would prefer.  However, I did do more this week than I did last week.
  2. I never know my own strength until I’m pushed to the point of failure. High planks REALLY strengthen the shoulders and make them very sore. I get to the point of failure every single day when we are doing planks and or pushups.  My shoulders are so sore all the time that I never know if they will hold me up when workout time comes.  But I am doing more and more each workout.
  3. Trying and searching for what works for me and gets me excited is the key.  I’ve done 21 day workout programs, 30 day workout programs and started 60 day programs that I ultimately quit due to injury.  The program I’m doing now is the most fun program I’ve ever done and while each day is a little harder than the day before or week before, I look forward to it.  The videos are live and I get to see the fitness instructor and her team moan, groan, gripe, laugh and giggle and just show what it’s really like during filming instead of only seeing their strength.  It makes me feel like I’m gaining WITH them instead of trying only to be like them.
  4. Health and nutrition is 80% in the kitchen whether its for weight loss, maintenance, stamina, energy, sleep and the list goes on.  I’ve known this for years but never really put it into practice like I am now.  I’ve had a couple of bad days in the last 2.5 weeks due to traveling with other people (which thank goodness I don’t have to do for a few weeks after this week) but I’ve still been more consistent than any other time in my life since my teens.  I FEEL a leveled out energy unlike any level I’ve felt in a long time.  I am alert when I wake and sleepy at night.
  5. As someone who suffers from adrenal fatigue, I still get tired in the middle of the day when I push harder or don’t get enough sleep.  But it’s getting better.

My nutrition today was pretty good.  I tried to follow my timed nutrition and did OK.  I wasn’t perfect at all.  Ate too much protein for my pre workout.  My post workout meal was insane though.  I had to show you a picture.  These are from a place called Native Grill & Wings and they are chicken lettuce wraps that are the best I’ve ever had.

If you have any questions about the program I’m doing, the food I’m eating, the plan I’m following or just why I’m blogging, please feel free to message me.  I really love helping people help themselves and I’m NOT trying to sell you anything.


Obsessed – Day 15 – Not Good

Happy Monday.

Today started out with me waking up after only about 5 1/2 hours of sleep to a beautiful sunrise. I had a couple of cups of coffee in my hotel room while I got ready for my day. I had a convention that I was speaking on a panel at and I thought my time for speaking was at 10 AM but I was wrong. I arrived at the convention at 8:30 this morning having had no food, no work out and nothing prepared. My decision was clearly muddy. Would I leave and come back or stay?

I made the decision to stay at the convention because it was an opportunity to network for my job and in doing so, I was on my feet for approximately eight hours before I had my turn on the panel.

I proceeded to get breakfast at a little café in Caesar’s Palace which was a small frittata. Later in the day lunch was served by the hotel convention center and I ate a very small amount then. What’s my time had come and gone on the panel I was exhausted, extremely hungry and just not feeling like doing anything except sitting (I had been standing in heels for nearly all that time).

The hotel gym is incredibly large and always packed so I made a very poor decision based on fatigue and self esteem I guess. I didn’t want people watching me workout. So, I went to Whole Foods and bought myself a sandwich and some cheddar cheese crackers (which I didn’t eat all of) and a chocolate chip cookie and came back to my room and proceeded to eat it. I have not had a meal like that in quite some time and, needless to say, I feel bloated and very full and guilty.

I’m choosing to tell you all of this because I think it is important to see the good and the not so good. I have shared in previous blogs; my struggle with food and my “relationship” with food. While I dont consider today a binge, it was certainly not the preferred way of eating. I chose to eat for taste and mood satisfaction instead of choosing to eat specifically to fuel my body.

I’m a firm believer in the saying “you can’t out workout a bad diet!” But tomorrow is a new day and I did buy the things at the store that I need to be prepared. And I’ll do both my workouts (the one I missed today and the one for tomorrow) tomorrow. I’ll be doing Tuesday’s in the morning and making up Monday’s workout at the next hotel with the smaller gym.

Isn’t it crazy how some people (myself) don’t want to be seen doing something good for their bodies so they do something bad for it? Its a crazy twist on life. I’m going to take a nice long bath in this gorgeous tub, get some sleep and get back on track tomorrow.

~sleep well