Obsessed – Day 30 – Motivation and Fun Cardio?

Up until a few months ago, I was attempting to build a team actively coaching for BeachBody. Its quite a rewarding job and I really wanted to help people. However, with my travels and my busyness opening a coffeehouse, I found network marketing to be too much of a time consumption for me so I ended my coaching business. That doesn’t mean I don’t still love the programs and do them. The 80 Day program I am currently doing is changing my life!!! And I couldn’t be more enthusiastic. I LOVE motivating people, educating people and praising their progress. I find that talking about this program in my blogs and having them posted on social media has generated some motivation for my friends which has been incredible for my to witness. It took me so long to get to a point in my life where health and nutrition as well as fitness took a high enough level of importance that I find an great level of gratitude for people in my life to find motivation from me. I’m telling you this because I can still help if you’re looking for it. I am still an active coach, I just haven’t been actively working the business.

On another note, my workout today was a brand new cardio workout that was actually super fun. It was hard as hell, don’t let me mislead you, but one of the most fun cardio workouts I recall doing. Everything was different from anything I’d ever done and went by very fast. And I enjoyed that it went quickly. Nutrition was good. Light but good and my digestion is still improving. I’ve added L-glutamine as well as collagen, probiotics and changed my diet to start excluding many of the items that the Specific Carbohydrate Diet “illegal foods” list. Baby steps.

Off to bed now. Until tomorrow!


Obsessed Day 29 – Phase 2 Begins

“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.” -Jim Rohn

OK time to check in. Yesterday was my rest day and since I wrote about leaky gut I opted not to post my current stats. So here you go:

26 days in I’ve lost 2.4 lbs and 8.25″. Now, as much as I wish the scale had a bigger number, I cannot be dissatisfied with that inches lost number. Especially since I was on the road traveling for 17 of those 26 days. That’s pretty damn good results.

Today started phase two. Here is the shocker for me. Yesterday, when I did my stats and entered all the information for this phase, it told me I am supposed to eat MORE! People…I couldn’t even eat all the food for phase one and now I’m supposed to eat 200 calories more. Well, lets just say that that ain’t happening. I am happy to eat plenty and get my nutrition but my body works like this: When I’m working out and fueling my body properly, I don’t have cravings or want to eat a lot. That’s just how I am. When I’m complacent and lazy is when I eat a ton. It may sound backward and maybe its from years of eating out of boredom or to heal emotions but when all my gears are working well and properly, I eat food when I need it and ONLY when I need it. What’s your diet like when you exercise?

For food today I kept it very simple. Grain free pancakes this morning, homemade grain free fruit bar for lunch and salmon, cooked greens and sautéed butternut squash for dinner. No snacking except for a couple of sultanas after dinner. When I eat light like that, it makes me feel much better. And due to me trying to get my gut health right, I’ve cut out all my shakes except the post workout protein which I may also exclude if after a week I’m not seeing the improvement I’m looking for. I’ve really been digging making all my food from scratch. Why not try making my own post workout protein, too, if need be. Any good suggestions?

And finally my workout was insane in the membrane. It was all about that booty and man did she make it hurt. Here are a couple of shots of what it was like. If you choose to laugh at my look of bewilderment I understand. The first day of a brand new workout is a bit confusing but even I will laugh at my facial expressions.

Obsessed – Day 27 – Phase 1 DONE!

Happy Saturday and St. Patrick’s Day.  Did you wear your green?

Today was a good day.  We were up super late last night and so slept late this morning.  Got up, grabbed coffee (I tried a new creamer today Califia Almond Milk w/ coconut) had a quick breakfast of an egg and a spoonful of mashed sweet potatoes and then headed out to run errands.

As soon as I got home it was time to finish my last workout for phase 1 of 80 Day Obsession.  The last workout was, of course, cardio flow.  This workout kills me in so many ways.  It’s one of the most intense cardio workouts I’ve ever done. My heart rate maxes out, my legs max out and by then end I just want to throw up. True story. The funny thing is, it looks so easy but, my friends, it’s NOT! Here are a couple of snapshots.

After the workout it was time to color my hair (prematurely gray is not sexy) and then a much needed bath with some amazing muscle soak that I found at Whole Foods while my hair sets.

My body is more tired tonight than it’s been in a very long time.  I’m not used to not having energy to the level that I don’t have energy right now. But I refuse to quit.  I’m seeing the changes happening and I will finish.  I am sore, fatigued and weak by the end of Saturday every week.  But by Monday, I’m looking forward to the next workout because I can see every week how much stronger I’m getting.  Isn’t that fantastic?

OK, moving on from my boasting…we played a round of video golf which was a ton of fun and then I went to start dinner.  I had planned to have this great St. Patricks day feast but have never cooked corned beef before.  OOPS!  THREE HOURS?!!!That’s how long it takes.  So breakfast for dinner was had and the feast will happen tomorrow as well as some other meal prep to get me started on my gut healing journey.  Now, we’re just lying in bed and it feels amazing to just lay down.

How are you feeling?  Any adrenal or fatigue issues with you?

Thank you all so much who are watching this moment in my life and being a part of it.  Those of you who are reaching out to me, I really appreciate the support and kindness.

~good night

Obsessed – Day 14

Today was supposed to be my rest day. But I ended up taking my rest day yesterday. Today I did cardio flow which is one of those cardio workouts that makes me want to throw up. Thats pushing the body. I have a little sample of it for you here.

After a delayed flight to Las Vegas last night, I got to my hotel around 10:30 and quickly downed my superfoods shake before getting to bed. Tonight I had it with coconut milk, thanks to the starbucks in the hotel selling me the milk, and then quickly got ready for bed.

I’m learning that weekends are going to have to be treated with much more diligence as far as my eating plan. I’m not eating bad things but I’m not following the timed nutrition at all due to running errands and working around my house to get things done.

Here comes Monday. In Vegas. And I speak on a panel in front of 500 people. Can you say nervous??

Until tomorrow!

Obsessed – Day 13 (Rest Day)

Today was not intended to be a rest day but I won’t say I’m sad it was. Today was supposed to be cardio flow and we were going to do it this afternoon. I love it when my boyfriend and I are able to workout together.

We got up and had our morning routine including coffee and breakfast. Then we quickly got our things together to run errands and hit the road. With expectations of only being gone a couple of hours, I left highly unprepared without packing any food or snacks. We were gone for more than 6 hours. Oops. I made it through that time having two street tacos and feeling satiated. We came home and did a couple of things around the house and then I cooked dinner (salmon, potatoes and collards that I should have snapped a picture of).

Its now 10:00 and we’re in bed and ready for cardio in the morning and another full day including me leaving for Vegas for work tomorrow night.

~sleep well

My Why


I hope you are all doing well.  As I sit here on my sofa, willing myself well from a cold that has tormented me for nearly a week, bouncing from allergy symptoms to a full fledged cold, I am in awe of where my life has been and where it is today.  Let me explain.

From the young age of 12, I started crash dieting, not feeling like I fit in, not feeling like I would ever find a place I belonged.  I had friends who used me and I allowed it for the sake of having friends.  I was the “fat girl” and all my friends were skinny.  On a funny note, let me share with you my first crash diet ingredients…no breakfast, a Dr. Pepper and a Snickers for lunch and very little to eat for dinner.  I was a walking billboard of health (hahaha)!!

By the age of 30, my eating disorder had gotten so out of hand that I wasn’t binging and purging but binging to the point of having to purge (unprovoked).   I had tried more diets, joined more gyms and become so incredibly unhealthy that my poor body was on the brink of devastation.  Four months into my 30th year I found a solution that introduced to me a remarkable diet of primarily protein, veggies and very limited carbs (1/2 a cup of oatmeal for breakfast).  I dropped 40 lbs so fast and felt liberated and sexy!

Fast forward to 35 and I was back to binging (NOT to the point of purging thank goodness) and the weight was nearly all back on.  I was miserable and lost.  My body was not working properly, my diet was as yoyo’d as it could be and life was becoming a vast black hole of shame and guilt.

I’ve never been one to fight depression, but emotional eating has always been a coping mechanism for me.  After moving to CA, hiring a personal trainer and BEING READY TO GET MY LIFE TOGETHER, I feel into a state of depression like I had never experienced.  I could NOT get off the couch.  What the hell?!?  I was FINALLY making ALL the right decisions and now I experience depression.  Where had I gone wrong.  That’s when I started seeing a naturopathic doctor, got my blood work done and then ALL the pieces fell in place.  I had adrenal fatigue and the doctor said no working out for 2 years. 2 YEARS!!!!  That was the BEST excuse I could have ever asked for.  I did not work out for nearly 2 years.  Then it was time to start all over.  This is my yoyo cycle.  Anyone out there feeling connected yet?

Well, 9 months ago, I reached out to a friend because I was watching her on FB and she was older than me, I had met here at her highest weight and holy shit did she look amazing.  I asked for her help.  She was an online coach and only worked out 30 minutes a day!!! My kind of workout.  She got me hooked up and low and behold, I had actually signed up for this program years earlier and still do this day have no recollection of it.

Now, I see success stories of transformations that happen in 90 days that are AMAZING!  That is not how I can do this.  I signed up as a “premier customer” and got 25% off my products and still do.  I worked out 30 minutes a day and still do.  I drank my superfoods shake almost daily and still do.  And over the last 9 months (not doing this deal anywhere CLOSE to perfectly) I’m down 25 lbs. and counting.

Here is WHY is works for me.  The programs are pre-designed.  The meal plans are laid out if I choose to follow them.  The challenge groups keep me and my challengers accountable.  I became a coach to FORCE my accountability and it WORKS!  I have NO food restrictions except medical restrictions.  I get to eat whatever I want BUT I have handy dandy portion control containers that really help.  My biggest struggle is my travel and one day I will get that right also.

I have plenty of room on my team for anyone who would like to try this way of life.  Food addiction SUCKS and I understand it better than I do any other addiction.  I choose to be a coach to work with women (and men who so desire) who can relate to me and people I can help work through the struggle of making it through the day without a binge.  WON’T YOU JOIN ME?