Obsessed – Day 17 – Changing

Wednesday is challenging because its cardio day.  I’m not a fan of cardio at all and have never pretended to be.  Today was cardio core which means that I do 30 seconds of low impact, 30 seconds of high impact for a total of 3 minutes and then 10 reps of a core exercise that is done with the sliders you see in the featured picture.  It’s a very intense workout and it’s only 30 minutes long.

Things I’m learning about myself as I change on a daily basis:

  1. I am much better when I do my workouts in the morning.  This week I’m traveling with a new addition to my team, getting him trained and showing him what we do.  Because of this, we’re meeting for breakfast and then heading out for the day earlier than I normally would in an effort to pack as much into the day as possible.  So far, this week, I’ve only worked out in the evenings and my energy (even with my pre-workout) is not nearly as high as it is when I workout in the morning.  I’m also dreading it because I’ve been working hard all day and don’t want to work out. I can’t do my workouts in the morning under these circumstances because I’m working too late into the evening as well and therefore, won’t get enough sleep if I do.  I’m still getting the workout done, just modifying more than I would prefer.  However, I did do more this week than I did last week.
  2. I never know my own strength until I’m pushed to the point of failure. High planks REALLY strengthen the shoulders and make them very sore. I get to the point of failure every single day when we are doing planks and or pushups.  My shoulders are so sore all the time that I never know if they will hold me up when workout time comes.  But I am doing more and more each workout.
  3. Trying and searching for what works for me and gets me excited is the key.  I’ve done 21 day workout programs, 30 day workout programs and started 60 day programs that I ultimately quit due to injury.  The program I’m doing now is the most fun program I’ve ever done and while each day is a little harder than the day before or week before, I look forward to it.  The videos are live and I get to see the fitness instructor and her team moan, groan, gripe, laugh and giggle and just show what it’s really like during filming instead of only seeing their strength.  It makes me feel like I’m gaining WITH them instead of trying only to be like them.
  4. Health and nutrition is 80% in the kitchen whether its for weight loss, maintenance, stamina, energy, sleep and the list goes on.  I’ve known this for years but never really put it into practice like I am now.  I’ve had a couple of bad days in the last 2.5 weeks due to traveling with other people (which thank goodness I don’t have to do for a few weeks after this week) but I’ve still been more consistent than any other time in my life since my teens.  I FEEL a leveled out energy unlike any level I’ve felt in a long time.  I am alert when I wake and sleepy at night.
  5. As someone who suffers from adrenal fatigue, I still get tired in the middle of the day when I push harder or don’t get enough sleep.  But it’s getting better.

My nutrition today was pretty good.  I tried to follow my timed nutrition and did OK.  I wasn’t perfect at all.  Ate too much protein for my pre workout.  My post workout meal was insane though.  I had to show you a picture.  These are from a place called Native Grill & Wings and they are chicken lettuce wraps that are the best I’ve ever had.

If you have any questions about the program I’m doing, the food I’m eating, the plan I’m following or just why I’m blogging, please feel free to message me.  I really love helping people help themselves and I’m NOT trying to sell you anything.



Obsessed – Day 14

Today was supposed to be my rest day. But I ended up taking my rest day yesterday. Today I did cardio flow which is one of those cardio workouts that makes me want to throw up. Thats pushing the body. I have a little sample of it for you here.

After a delayed flight to Las Vegas last night, I got to my hotel around 10:30 and quickly downed my superfoods shake before getting to bed. Tonight I had it with coconut milk, thanks to the starbucks in the hotel selling me the milk, and then quickly got ready for bed.

I’m learning that weekends are going to have to be treated with much more diligence as far as my eating plan. I’m not eating bad things but I’m not following the timed nutrition at all due to running errands and working around my house to get things done.

Here comes Monday. In Vegas. And I speak on a panel in front of 500 people. Can you say nervous??

Until tomorrow!

Obsessed – Day 13 (Rest Day)

Today was not intended to be a rest day but I won’t say I’m sad it was. Today was supposed to be cardio flow and we were going to do it this afternoon. I love it when my boyfriend and I are able to workout together.

We got up and had our morning routine including coffee and breakfast. Then we quickly got our things together to run errands and hit the road. With expectations of only being gone a couple of hours, I left highly unprepared without packing any food or snacks. We were gone for more than 6 hours. Oops. I made it through that time having two street tacos and feeling satiated. We came home and did a couple of things around the house and then I cooked dinner (salmon, potatoes and collards that I should have snapped a picture of).

Its now 10:00 and we’re in bed and ready for cardio in the morning and another full day including me leaving for Vegas for work tomorrow night.

~sleep well

Obsessed – Day 11 & 12

Happy Friday.

My apologies for not posting last night. I flew home from Florida and was delayed in DFW on the tarmac for a while. I didn’t get home until 10:00 and just wanted to go to bed.

Yesterday the focus of my workout was arms, abs and ass and its truly a great workout. Unfortunately the workout requires these sliders for part of the program but they will not work ok the rubber flooring of the hotel gym. So I had to improvise a couple of the moves.

My nutrition was pretty on point yesterday. Even getting Caribou Coffee to blend my superfoods shake in almond milk for me. However, when I got home, I was derailed with a terrible stomach ache which I could only attribute to the salad I had for a post workout meal at the airport in Pensacola. Its the only thing I ate that was out of the norm for me because it had a ton of red pepper in it.

Salad in airport

As for today, I changed things up a bit and worked out with my man this evening. I love being home or when he travels and works out with me. Today was called leg day, but I declare my booty was/is in much more pain than my legs. I’m so excited to see the end results.

Food today was all at home. He had a pizza from Mod Pizza and I had a chicken caesar with no dressing and garlic toast for dinner and it was so tasty. That was also my post workout meal. I am actually finding it hard some days to eat all the food suggested by this program, which for me, is a good problem.

Finding a lot of leveled energy, getting sleepy at the right times and getting a good amount of sleep have been coming much easier.

If you guys are at all interested in seeing some of the exercises I’m doing let me know. I’ve been working out in gyms and with trainers most of my life and much of these are very new to me.

Next weekend I’ll start posting some recipes as I’ll be home for the first time since starting this program, for a whole week!

Now its movie and cuddle time so I bid you all a good night.

~until tomorrow!

Obsessed – Day 6

Happy Saturday!!!

I don’t have much to tell you today. I’m currently in route home from CA. We’ve been in the car now for 14 hours and we have just under 5 to go. Needless to say, I did not workout. I’ve eaten “street food” ie; drive thru and gas station snacks (but they did have 100% grass-fed jerky much to my delight) and had way too much coffee.

On the other hand, I’m grateful to get a rest day. As much as I loved leg day yesterday, I can barely walk today (and sitting for hours isn’t helping). I’ll be back to my regular exercise schedule and timed nutrition (if you’d like to know more about timed nutrition let me know) tomorrow.

~until tomorrow

Some Trips are Just Better Than Others

Some trips are just nicer than others.  Several weeks ago I spent Monday through Friday in the Salt Lake City, UT area.  This was my first trip to SLC, outside of airport layovers.  I must say, it was a different environment than I have experienced.

The hotel I stayed in was a Hilton Grand Vacations Resort and as per usual, beyond my expectations in quality. I had a two room suite with a cozy fireplace in the living room, a washer/dryer, full kitchen and a jacuzzi tub that made all my worries and cares float away. Aside from that, the beautiful snow and Christmas cheer made this trip better than most.

Salt Lake is a quirky town that many seem to think would be boring or extreme in the religious push but this was not my finding.  Holistic juice bars like Vive Juicery made my cold go away and plenty of Whole Foods locations to choose from allowed me to buy some groceries for cooking up in that glorious full kitchen. I never knew how much I took cooking for granted and appreciated a home cooked meal until I started my hotel nomad journey and can’t cook very often.

Finally, I want to share that the people were amazing. No matter where I went or who I interacted with, I never encountered anything less than genuine politeness and perpetual kindness. If its a religion act (which is usually where my mind goes after being raised baptist in the south) they certainly know how to act with conviction. I don’t know that I have ever had the pleasure of niceness with such consistency.


Introduction to 2016

My name is Leigh Ann and I love sharing my thoughts and some things about my life with the world.  I’m currently engrossed in a self imposed challenge to save money enough to buy a house and because my home state is California, I’ve chosen to live in hotels for the next year or so.

The backstory is that rent is tremendous in the state of California and I travel about 95% of my time.  When I’m on the road that much and paying rent, it’s heartbreaking.  When I’m saving $1-2000.00 per month by staying in hotels even when I’m “home” the idea of buying a home in lieu paying rent is much more feasible.  There, I have two blogs.  Hotelnomad.net is my blog about living in hotels and this blog that you’re reading now is just dedicated to life lessons, rating hotels and restaurant and things I find fun and exciting.

I travel all over the country and soon to be world and feel that I can expose people to people, places and things that maybe they didn’t know about or want to know more about.  I like being given suggestions about what you want to know and read about as well.  If it’s something I can full fill, I’ll do it.  My 2016 goal is to blog multiple times a week.  I hope to see you and your friends here and look forward to your comments and suggestions!

Until next time…

~live free