Obsessed – Day 30 – Motivation and Fun Cardio?

Up until a few months ago, I was attempting to build a team actively coaching for BeachBody. Its quite a rewarding job and I really wanted to help people. However, with my travels and my busyness opening a coffeehouse, I found network marketing to be too much of a time consumption for me so I ended my coaching business. That doesn’t mean I don’t still love the programs and do them. The 80 Day program I am currently doing is changing my life!!! And I couldn’t be more enthusiastic. I LOVE motivating people, educating people and praising their progress. I find that talking about this program in my blogs and having them posted on social media has generated some motivation for my friends which has been incredible for my to witness. It took me so long to get to a point in my life where health and nutrition as well as fitness took a high enough level of importance that I find an great level of gratitude for people in my life to find motivation from me. I’m telling you this because I can still help if you’re looking for it. I am still an active coach, I just haven’t been actively working the business.

On another note, my workout today was a brand new cardio workout that was actually super fun. It was hard as hell, don’t let me mislead you, but one of the most fun cardio workouts I recall doing. Everything was different from anything I’d ever done and went by very fast. And I enjoyed that it went quickly. Nutrition was good. Light but good and my digestion is still improving. I’ve added L-glutamine as well as collagen, probiotics and changed my diet to start excluding many of the items that the Specific Carbohydrate Diet “illegal foods” list. Baby steps.

Off to bed now. Until tomorrow!


Obsessed – Day 13 (Rest Day)

Today was not intended to be a rest day but I won’t say I’m sad it was. Today was supposed to be cardio flow and we were going to do it this afternoon. I love it when my boyfriend and I are able to workout together.

We got up and had our morning routine including coffee and breakfast. Then we quickly got our things together to run errands and hit the road. With expectations of only being gone a couple of hours, I left highly unprepared without packing any food or snacks. We were gone for more than 6 hours. Oops. I made it through that time having two street tacos and feeling satiated. We came home and did a couple of things around the house and then I cooked dinner (salmon, potatoes and collards that I should have snapped a picture of).

Its now 10:00 and we’re in bed and ready for cardio in the morning and another full day including me leaving for Vegas for work tomorrow night.

~sleep well

Break On Through to the Other Side

I’ve lived a relatively healthy life for more than a decade now.  And in that decade I can count on one hand how many times I’ve been really sick.  Like call into work sick.  And I don’t even think I’d get to my thumb in that count.

Last Friday I found myself riddled with body aches.  So much so that I couldn’t get my workout in and that bummed me out.  Figuring it was a case of bad allergies or maybe I’d caught a little bug, I laid low and rested up and decided Saturday would be a new day. We had also just started a new Beach Body challenge (22 Hard Corp) and it’s so intense I just figured maybe my body needed a rest.  I’ve been killing it lately with my workouts.  Plans to see the new John Wick were made for Saturday afternoon and thus we watched the first John Wick on Friday night as part of my rest and relaxation.

Saturday rolls around and the body aches are still there.  We get in coffee and some breakfast and low and behold within a couple of hours, I have a fever.  WHAT!?!  I NEVER GET SICK!!! Well, its time to chalk it up to the flu.  Darn it! I’m not a believer in the flu shot because I never get sick so here we go.  We decide if the fever breaks, we’ll go to church on Sunday and enjoy a light hike.  Meanwhile, my incredibly supportive man is taking care of me and making sure I’m as comfortable as possible.

Sunday is here.  The fever has spiked to 101 and I check my throat.  Oh yes, STREP! Now I’m really starting to feel bummed.  I’m not a baby really when I’m sick; I get cranky.  I’m a person who usually has pretty good energy and likes to go, go, go.  Now we’re on day 3 and I can’t do anything.  We end up in Urgent Care and I walk out with an antibiotic prescription and feeling defeated.  Oh and to make matters worse, I can’t eat.  I’m living on chicken bone broth and Shakeology.

Fast forward to Tuesday and I’m still on the mend.  Still recovering.  Still having body aches.  My fever came back last night although it was low.  But my reason for writing this is to give you the backstory and then end it with the positive.

For most of my life, I’ve started and stopped so many programs for eating healthy and getting exercise.  I’ve had gym memberships in my 20’s that went to collections because back then you signed a contract and it was at least a year or sometimes 2 years and I was so young and didn’t have the money and NEVER followed through.  Today, I’ve found what works for me and every single day that I’ve been unable to workout and my fella has been going to the basement to get the workout done, it’s made me sad but also motivated me.  I know if I tried to workout in my current condition it would set me back and believe me, the thought has crossed my mind multiple times a day (except maybe Sunday).

My motivation is to have the healthiest body I can have.  And if that means that I need to spend a few days allowing myself to fight off infection and heal, so be it.  I accept that.  But where the real reward lies is that I’m excited about when my body is finally ready again for me to to get in my basement and get back to it.  The old me would have used this as an excuse to stop.  This me…the one who has passion for what I’m doing…cannot wait to get back to it.

Oh and it also helps to have the best support system in the fitness world I’ve ever encountered.

~So grateful.

Building My Life Around My Dreams

Have you ever experienced fear of failure?  If you can honestly say no, then I’d be willing to bet that you’re one of few.  Throughout my life, I’ve been crippled with fear of failure and in turn, I’ve never been willing to chase my dreams.  What is my dream?

In my early 20’s I spent a lot of time in this one coffee house in Charlotte, NC that was cozy and comfy and had this vibe of “come in, rest, relax, enjoy, be at peace” and I did all of that there.  I had no idea what GOOD coffee was at the time but I knew how I felt when I was hanging out late at night with my friends and feeling that calm.  I decided back then that I wanted to be the owner of a coffee shop just like that but not in the city.

I was married at the time and my husband was supportive of my idea but neither of us had any idea how to start a business, didn’t have the capital to make it happen and certainly couldn’t (or rather wouldn’t) afford to take a leap of faith with two kids to raise.  And so, my dream lay dormant for many years.  What I did choose to do to get myself some familiarity with being a business owner was to get involved in direct sales with Pampered Chef, which I still do today, but that is not the same as paying overhead, rent and being responsible for someone else’s livelihood.

In 2006, I moved to Alaska and saw what a mountain town was really like and my dream was once again realized.  I made some tremendously wonderful friends; all who were supportive but that never was enough to level that fear into confidence.   I was drowning in that fear and while miserable working at a desk, continued to live on that paycheck.

Fast forward to 2012…my daughter and I left Alaska for California and I knew that would not be my place to open a coffeehouse because I had no doubts about wanting it to be in a mountain state where there was snow and green and I could build it to my specification in my head.  So, in California I was fortunate enough not to work at a desk but to be in sales and travel for a living which brings me to my current living situation.

My dream is once again realized and I am so blessed with the job that I have currently because it brought me to Colorado.  For three years I traveled back and forth to this state and finally decided this is where I’m meant to be.  I moved to Colorado almost two months ago and found my home.  This is where I can FINALLY open my business.  I’m on track and so excited to say that after nearly twenty years of internal battling through the fear, I’m taking steps.  It will take some time as I have things that need to happen in consecutive order BUT, plans are in motion and I am walking through all that fear of self employment and will one day be able to share with you my dream in full force.

To those reading this that have told me how possible it is and always shown me support and love, THANK YOU!

To those reading this who don’t know me but still send me positive vibes, THANK YOU!

Finding Me (From old and boring to young and beautiful)

To the credit of some of my fellow bloggers I have decided to open up a little bit more on this blog and share some of my inner thoughts and who I really am with you all.  So here goes nothing.

A brief history; I was born and raised in the southeast.  I spent 30 years of my life in that area of the country.  I had a daughter halfway through my 19th year, who is my world and has been the one stable constant in my life for nearly 21 years now.  At the age of 30 I uprooted us and moved to Alaska.  Yes, you read that right…Alaska.  More on that in a future blog, I’m sure.

Three years ago, we left Alaska and moved to California where I was finally able to leave my desk job and get back into outside sales.  This affords me the opportunity to travel excessively and see much of this country.  Soon I’ll see another part of the world (China) and that will certainly open up the international travel bug for me.  For now, I have no home, one car and live in hotels full time.  If you want to know more about that, click here.

I’ve been married and divorce twice, graduated from therapy after divorce number two and a major heartbreak (that wasn’t from a husband) and really got to know who I am and what I want out of life.  Today and nearly every day for the past four years, I’ve loved the person I am, enjoyed my life immensely and I work very hard to live in the moment.

I have been sober for nearly 10 years and I have had so much more fun in sobriety than I ever could have imagined and made some of the best friends I have ever known.  I still dance and I sing loud (in my car…alone) and I have a beautifully, close relationship with my daughter that I couldn’t be more grateful for.

Finally, I love blogging and hope to set aside more time, beginning this month, to write and share more of my journey with you.  Many have said I should write a book about my life and while that may happen one day, I’ll start here with potential excerpts.

Until next time!

~Live Free