Obsessed – Day 35 – Oh the Struggle

Today was a great and productive day for work and good fun was had texting with my team at work. I met a ton of new customers today which is always rewarding. Then after work I came back to my airbnb and the struggle became so real.

After drinking my pre-workout and waiting the appropriate time, I pushed play and started my workout.

This is right before the final set of the 3rd round of Day 35. I was literally fighting back vomiting. But I finished after a 30 second pause. I wanted to quit but Autumn Calabrese had just said, “hit pause but DONT QUIT” so how could I quit?!

I love this program because I push myself harder than I have ever pushed myself. I lift heavier each week and try harder each day to do more than I did yesterday. I am 42 years old and in the best shape of my life. I still have a LONG way to go but I believe that by the end of these 80 days, I’m going to be the bombshell I’ve always wanted to be. The biggest motivator for me is that for the first time ever, in my life, I’m doing this for my. Both my parents have diabetes from obesity. When I started out with Beachbody in Jan 2017, I was at my heaviest outside of pregnancy. I’m 25 pounds lighter today but sooo many inches smaller and 10 times stronger. Most of that has come in the last 35 days. I wake up in gratitude everyday for the healthier choices that come so easy to me now. Cravings are GONE! I cant wait to post my 40 pictures.

I ate very clean today but am still struggling with digestions issues. They are getting better but traveling takes its toll on me. I have to get that part figured out.

Now to finish my favorite movie Lord of the Rings, get some work done and then get to bed.


Day 34 – Cardio and The Club House

I mentioned yesterday that I was in New Mexico and that I had rented an airbnb for the first time in a while. What I didn’t mention was that the house I’m staying in was built in 1930 and that it was originally a Harley Davidson Motorcycle Club House. I grew up around Harley’s. My late uncle was a biker for my entire life. He took me for my first ride at 6 years old. I rode for much of my life until too many people I knew died or were severely injured on motorcycles. Then it just became no fun because I allowed my fear to take over. Anyhow, back to how cool this house is, there are tons of originals and even burn marks still in the wood floors from motorcycle burnouts. I find the history of this place remarkable and its one of the things I love about airbnb. You just never know what kind of jewel you’re going to fine. Today this place is a quaint house with some very modern features like a nice kitchen I can cook in.

As for my workout, I almost talked myself out of it today. I’m still suffering from digestion problems thanks to eating chocolate….how sad does that sentence make you? It makes me terribly sad. But I got it done and did really well actually. Cardio is my least favorite workout. But I’m so glad its done and day 33 of 80 is complete. Next up….Wednesday!!! Half way through the week already!

~sleep tight

Some Trips are Just Better Than Others

Some trips are just nicer than others.  Several weeks ago I spent Monday through Friday in the Salt Lake City, UT area.  This was my first trip to SLC, outside of airport layovers.  I must say, it was a different environment than I have experienced.

The hotel I stayed in was a Hilton Grand Vacations Resort and as per usual, beyond my expectations in quality. I had a two room suite with a cozy fireplace in the living room, a washer/dryer, full kitchen and a jacuzzi tub that made all my worries and cares float away. Aside from that, the beautiful snow and Christmas cheer made this trip better than most.

Salt Lake is a quirky town that many seem to think would be boring or extreme in the religious push but this was not my finding.  Holistic juice bars like Vive Juicery made my cold go away and plenty of Whole Foods locations to choose from allowed me to buy some groceries for cooking up in that glorious full kitchen. I never knew how much I took cooking for granted and appreciated a home cooked meal until I started my hotel nomad journey and can’t cook very often.

Finally, I want to share that the people were amazing. No matter where I went or who I interacted with, I never encountered anything less than genuine politeness and perpetual kindness. If its a religion act (which is usually where my mind goes after being raised baptist in the south) they certainly know how to act with conviction. I don’t know that I have ever had the pleasure of niceness with such consistency.


The Best or The Worst??

When traveling to a place like Monterey Bay, CA most people automatically think….money.  Monterey Bay is considered a very wealthy part of California.  Housing is very expensive, many who live there are retired or entrepreneurs (or so I’ve been told by lifelong Californians).  People I’ve met consider it a big deal to go to Monterey Bay.  The crystal blue waters resemble a tropical paradise, the high cliffs driving when on the Pacific Coast Highway brings about that feeling of the 1950’s Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr film “From Here to Eternity” as the wind blows your hair and the carefree desires fill your mind and heart.

What people don’t think about is renting a hotel room in such an amazing place to find it dirty, dingy and downright unacceptable.  This was my most recent experience at the Embassy Suites hotel in Monterey Bay (or as its properly addressed Seaside, CA).  I had stayed in this hotel once before and been bumped up to the president’s suite which was a wonderful experience.  My second stay in Monterey was at the Hilton Garden Inn which I’ll share with you in another blog at a later date.  This last stay at the Embassy was shocking.  I arrived later in the evening after driving up from the Los Angeles area.  I checked in and was told that I had been upgraded to a corner suite which was very lovely because I knew I would have a lovely view the next morning.  I was only staying the one night so I didn’t unpack but I did instantly want to sleep.  I walked into my room and the main part of the room was lovely…there was a nice living area with a couch and television, sliding glass doors with a walk-on balcony and a small kitchenette.  Then came the bed and bathroom.

The bathroom was my first stop and at first glance, it looked fine.  I did my normal nightly routine of taking of my makeup and taking out my contacts and then went to close the curtains.  To my amazement, the curtains were some sort of vinyl that was cracked and falling apart and therefore wouldn’t close and stay closed so I moved the luggage rack in front of them to hold them closed.  I’m a creature of habit and sleep on the same side of the bed everywhere I go but in this case, the lamp wouldn’t work on that side of my bed so I went to slide in on the other side to read before going to sleep and oh my! As you’ll see in the pictures, my sheets were stained AND had holes in them.  This is not the standard I’ve come to know and love for Hilton Brand hotels.  What I didn’t take pictures of were the black stained tub floors and the paint chipping and wood cracking on the bathroom door.

Many of the Hilton brands that I frequent are currently undergoing major renovations.  I high suggest to this Embassy Suites that they do the same and soon!

While I’m very appreciate of the excellent customer service at this Embassy Suites, I am thoroughly disappointed in the upkeep of the room I was in and the lack of attention to detail housekeeping seems to have.  This is a hotel I will not stay in again unless it’s renovated.


A coi fish pond is always a lovely touch in the lobby.  This was a great area.


The view of the breakfast area coming down the elevator.IMG_4854

Can you find the stains and holes?IMG_4853

The curtains appear to be water damaged and this was before I put the luggage rack in front of them.  This was the best they would close.

Where oh Where in the World Am I?

IMG_4716 IMG_4689IMG_4628 IMG_4605

In the past 6 weeks I have been to Arizona, Las Vegas, Colorado, Alaska, Seattle, Portland, Northern California, Southern California and Texas.  One never knows where I may be.  It’s like playing “Where’s Waldo” only I’m Leigh Ann and I wear different shirts everyday.  🙂

My experiences all over this country are always filled with fun, laughter and joy.  I have friends living in nearly every state I travel to but I also have the blessing of enjoying my time alone as much and sometimes more than my time with others.  So I can find something to do anywhere I go.  Our time on this Earth is limited and the older I get and the more I see beautiful people in my life leave this Earth, the more I realize how much there is to do and see and I’m just ready to go for it.  Give me all the adventure opportunities!!!

Today, I’m in SoCal, but next week I’ll venture out to Utah for the first time and I’m so very excited about it.

Most of my travels are for work…like next week.  But occasionally I get to travel for vacation…like my trip to Alaska.  The amazing thing is, all of my trips are so fun in one way or another, that it’s like a full time vacation.  I have the greatest customers that I see and spend time with, some of which I’ve befriended outside of work and I see the country through local resident eyes as often as possible.  This is the best way to see things, not as a tourist but as a visitor.

I really enjoy traveling and blogging about it and I have decided with each trip I will blog about the state/city/local fun AND write a review about the hotel(s) that I’m staying in.  I’m a huge supporter of the Hilton Brand hotels and therefore, most of my writings will be about them.  So until next week….

Happy travels!

What A L.I.F.E.

Life. Is. Fun. Everywhere

I am so incredibly blessed to live a life that allows me to travel. My life consists of the most amazing sights and adventures. I made my way from North Carolina after 30 years of life there, to Alaska for six years and now I “reside” in California.

In my career, I have sat behind a desk for many years and now, for the last three years, I get the privilege of traveling the west coast from Denver to Alaska.  I stay in great hotels, I see the countryside and the best cities and now, I’d like to share some of that with you.

This week, I traveled from Orange County to San Francisco to Central Valley and back to Orange County. It was a long and beautiful (sometimes boring) drive.  I regret not taking many pictures on my way to Monterey because it is one of the more beautiful parts of my drive.  Much of it was spent glancing at the ocean, watching the sun set behind the mountains and the sky glowing like the embers of a long simmering fire.  Waking up in Monterey is one of my favorite places to rise and shine.

Follow that up with a hotel in Emeryville overlooking the San Francisco Bay with the sun beating down on the water.  Then bask in the sight of the city coming to life at night as the bay bridge and skyline light up the world.


My travels to Sacramento and central valley are a little less scenic and the only picture I have for you to see is a glimpse of the Napa Valley hills.  Driving the highways through central valley consists of cow farms (which I find cruel) and lots of flat land.


I hope you find this blog fun.  If you have suggestions or requests of blogs that you’d like to read about regarding my travels, please let me know in the comments.

See you for the next journey.

~Leigh Ann

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Continuation of Life

In the past four years I’ve had a number of blogs. One about my broken heart, one about my love of cooking and food that then switched to my move from Alaska to North Carolina to California in a span of five months. Whew!  I can sure live life in a whirlwind. Now, I have three active blogs. This one, which I’m not sure how it will turn out but I think its going to just be about my love and passion for lifr, my goals and dreams (because I am a believer of putting dreams out to the universe to make them come to life) and my travels. My second blog is about ghost towns because they facinate me and I love to find them and write about them (although life has been a little too busy lately and I’ve neglected that passion some but will get back to it because of my flexibility which leads to my third and main blog….being a hotel nomad). 

I have so much passion for life and for one of the first times in my life I’m not cloudy in what I want to do and where I want to end up. I am currently working on my fifteen year plan to retire at 55 years old and follow my lifelong dream of opening and running a coffeehouse. Currently my focus is on my career and that affords me travel all over the country but maily the western states. Because of my steady travel life, I no longer have a place to live and therefore I am now a self proclaimed hotel-nomad. I live a very charmed life with little stress, lots of amazing friends and no place to call home. This is, by far, my greatest journey. 

I invite anyone who wishes to follow any or all of these blogs. They are personal and meant to be fun and show off the country with a little international travel mixed in and my passion for all that life has to offer. My current trip is heading to the Bay area of California. I woke this morning in Monterey, CA and will share this day with you later. Until then…..

Peace and love