What’s In A Name?

To all you business owners out there, have you ever named a business in within a couple of months thought, “well, this is nice but I want MORE” and the name just didn’t grab you?  Or, what about naming a business based on where you live before you open a brick and mortar and then you think, “hmmmm, do I really want my business in this town or should I open my options”?

I have done both now.  I absolutely love the town I’m living in, but when coming up with a name for my baking business (online only at this time), I chose to name it after the town I live in….how original, right?  Now, I’ve already had other people around the country suggesting I look at expanding later on and here I sit with this business named after a town.

I began feeling like maybe I should rethink this and discuss it with my business partner, who thank goodness agreed with me about changing the name.  We have played with words and worked so hard on coming up with a new catchy name that FINALLY we did.  And the reveal will be coming in the next week or so.

Yep, I just hooked you and left  you hanging, but I’m really excited about where we are taking the bakery business and how we are going to tie it in with the coffeehouse we are opening in the next 14 months and therefore, I have to hold on to your interest for the sake of our business and your tastebuds.

Not to brag, but I am blessed with baking skills and I do enjoy it immensely and I want to share my delicious treats with everyone who visits my hometown.  For now, you can find me at http://www.castlerockconfections.com.  Soon, we will announce the new name and the new logo.  Until then, bake on!



My Love and Passion For Baking 

If you’re new to my blog or haven’t ever read my other blog http://www.hotelnomad.com (which will be closing down shortly) then I should start out by telling you that for a year I lived as a nomad.  I had no permanent residence and lived in hotels and Airbnbs.  The only reason I started using Airbnbs was so I could cook again because I was tired of eating out all the time.  However, for any of you (which is probably all of you), you know how inconvenient and uncomfortable it is to cook in someone else’s house.  Therefore, for one year, my cooking was quite limited.  And I LOVE TO COOK.

Back in my younger years, I developed a passion for two things: Coffee and baking.  I drank lots of coffee and learned how to bake but not to the extent that I’m learning now. In my early 20’s I wanted to own a coffeeshop but sadly now, nearly 20 years later I still have not accomplished that dream.  But, I’ve begun the journey to make it happen.  I’ve changed my focus on what I want and have a goal with a timeline in place.  It feels good to be taking charge of that part of my dreams.  As I pursue it, I want to share my bakes and recipes with you on here.

My recipes are designed for high altitude baking since I live in Colorado.  In a future blog, I will write the conversions for regular vs. high altitude baking.  For this into to my baking life, I’d like to show you the pictures of what I’ve made this week. The featured image is a Victoria Sponge.

More bakes and recipes to come.

Gluten Free & Egg Free Chocolate chip cookies


Homemade Pumpkin Spice Latte (using almond milk and canned pumpkin)


Pumpkin Sconesimg_6349

Pumpkin Loaf with Maple Glazeimg_6336