Obsessed – Day 19 – Travel Day/Leg Day


Today was a real test of my patience….

This morning started out with me going to the airport in Phoenix and arriving past the baggage check cut off which meant there was no guarantee that my luggage would make it to Denver. After a very smooth flight, I ran down to baggage claim to see if my bags made it and they did not. So I sat in the airport for almost 3 hours waiting for my bags to come in. They finally did.

I very happily began my drive home to Colorado Springs when I encountered unusually heavy traffic which seemed to be for no reason, much slower cars than what the speed limit called for, and many tailgaters that made me uneasy.

Having had no food in any circumstance at this point I have been asked to stop by Chick-fil-A and get Tyler a sandwich and I thought to myself, “Perfect! I can get the grilled chicken wrap for a pre-workout meal.” Alas, the new Chick-fil-A has not opened yes and therefore I would have to g back across town. My boyfriend being the remarkably understanding man that he is suggested that I just run by the grocery store and pick up a few things that we could fix quickly at home. And that is what I did. I ended up having a sandwich.

Two hours later I got leg day done and it was amazing. I completed my meal plan for this coming week which took a very long time. We went grocery shopping and got everything that we needed to have the most successful nutritional week I’ve had yet. And I while I didn’t have great timed nutrition today, I didn’t let the aggravation of my day throw me into an eating spiral. I had my Chick-fil-A grilled chicken wrap for a post workout meal, I had my incredibly healthy nutrient dense shake and now I’m heading to bed with much excitement for the coming week.

What meal planning looks like for me

PS- I have great recipes to film for you!

~welcome to the weekend!

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