Obsessed – Day 4

Happy Friday Eve!!!!

I hope you’ve all had a great day.  It’s nearly 9:00 PM and I’m tired so this will be short and sweet.  Here goes….

Today I switched it up a little.  I had to leave for work earlier than usual this morning so I started my day off with my daily superfoods shake and two hours later, a snack.  I got my work done with my cooler packed with all my foods except my pre-workout meal which I purchased at Whole Foods (salad greens, chicken and kale cakes).  Prior to having that pre-workout meal, I had to go to my business partner’s family’s home to load up a carload of boxes that Tyler and I will be driving back to Colorado on Saturday.  His grandmother is from Liverpool (one of my favorite places in England) and she still does traditional tea in her home.  I was gifted with a, lovely but quick, sit down tea time including crumpets.  And YES, I had a crumpet.  It actually worked into my meal plan so I couldn’t say NO.

Following my pre-workout meal, I got my workout in.  Today’s focus as arms, abs, ass and friends, I must share with you in real talk…my shoulders were crying at the end of the program today.  I love these workouts so far.  We’re only into day 4 but they are exhilarating.  However, I am learning that I’m so much weaker than I realized and that just pushes me to work harder.  These workouts include a huge portion of the time spent doing work in the high plank position and it’s NO JOKE!  I’m learning so much about my body, my limits and my favorite types of exercises.  I grow more excited about this journey.  Telling you all about it keeps me accountable and makes my drive to kill it much stronger.  Thank you for reading.

until tomorrow!

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