Obsessed Day 1

Yesterday I published a blog that was about the start of my year and my epic trip to Europe and England.  What I didn’t talk about was how crappy my food choices had become since the holidays, how off pace I was with my exercise life and how my body was feeling the effects of putting unhealthy food and getting little to no exercise daily.  While we were abroad, we walked close to 90 miles in the course of that 14 day period, but let’s be honest, as a tourist, I wasn’t walking to raise my heart rate.  I came home still fitting into my clothes but I didn’t feel strong and my digestion was beginning to feel the effects.  While we were abroad, Beachbody launched a new program called 80 Day Obsession and I couldn’t wait to come home and start it.  I had to wait another three weeks before I could due to travel plans, anniversary/Valentines dinner with my fella and PROCRASTINATION.  Doing this program means changing EVERYTHING.  And if you’ve read any of my previous blogs, I haven’t ever been known to have a great relationship with food even though its loads better today than in my past.  I have always been an eater for pleasure and not for fuel.  This program changes that completely.


The goal was to go to the grocery store yesterday after arriving in CA to get my food and wake up this morning with all the tools I needed.  Well that didn’t happen due to a number of circumstances.  Here is how it all went down this morning.

I woke, went down to the free breakfast area, grabbed some scrambled eggs that were cheesy, a sausage patty and a small croissant.  My meal plan calls for morning protein, carb and greens. Conclusion for breakfast, too much protein, too many carbs (I’m sure), my daily allowance of fat AND no greens.  But I had to work with what I had.  I waited the proper amount of time, drank my pre-workout and shortly thereafter, headed to the gym to get my workout in.  I got it done with more modifications than I would have preferred but I love Autumn Calabrese’s training practices about pushing but allowing ourselves to build up to the point we want to be out.  She talks about NOT comparing ourselves to her or other people in the video or even our neighbor.  It’s all about doing it to be who I want to be.  Its a great confidence builder.

After my workout, I drank my recover, showered and headed out to the store.  NOW I have all my groceries and will be able to meal prep.  My big win for the day was not saying, “well this morning was a bust, so let’s just blow off nutrition for the rest of the day.”  I adjusted my meal plan for the day to accommodate the extra carbs and fat I had and now I’m still on track.  I am determined to make this happen.  I am determined to remain accountable and to finish this program.  At the end of my 80 days, regardless of how noticeable the changes are, I will post a before and after.  I KNOW it will be amazing.


I’ll be posting my experience, strength and hope here everyday.  Food has been a constant battle for me nearly all my life and I’ve worked so hard to form a healthy relationship with it but I slip and fall and stay down until I’m so tired of being sick and tired that I get back up.  I know the day will come that it will just be normal for me to eat for fuel.  I don’t binge anymore, I don’t have self hate or self loathing anymore so I’m progressing but I have so much room for improvement.  I look forward to seeing you all here everyday.



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