How Adrenal Fatigue Has Changed My Life

In 2013 I experienced a bout of depression for the first and thankfully only time of my life.  I didn’t want to get off the couch.  I was tired and unmotivated all the time.  I’ve always enjoyed lazy times but this was beyond anything I’d ever experienced.  I can’t remember how or why I came to the decision to seek help through a naturopathic doctor, but that was my path.

I contacted a doctor in Berkeley, CA (I was living in east bay at the time) and she had the WORST bedside manner of any doctor I’d ever met.  So I sought out another one.  I then found another who I just loved.  She did a blood panel on me and and adrenal test on me.  It came back with a mess of a result.  I had adrenal fatigue as well as numerous food intolerances.  Directions from her: No more high intensity exercise and change your eating habits.

BACK STORY: I have put a ton of stress on my body from an early age.  I started crash dieting when I was 12.  I started drinking alcoholically at 12.  I drank until I was 30 and my weight fluctuated constantly from the age of 9 until even today.  I got sober at 30, quit eating sugar and flour and lost 40 pounds and life was so good.  But two years later, I ate potatoes for the first time and soon thereafter it was game on and the yo-yoing began again.  When I moved to northern California, I hired a personal trainer and started doing HIIT workouts.  This brings us to the beginning of this story.

Since 2013, I’ve been more consistent than not, but I go through phases that are unhealthy.  I still suffer some low energy sometimes and could definitely clean up my diet.  But this is what got me so interested in holistic nutrition and healing the body with food.  In the past week, I’ve started to make small changes thanks to an amazing book I’ve been listening to on Audible, and feel a drive to really focus on my health and fitness and FINALLY reverse this adrenal fatigue and feel the absolute best I’ve ever felt.

Adrenal fatigue is not something that MD like to and in most cases they won’t diagnose.  There is no prescription for it.  There are plenty of holistic solutions from food to supplements to how you choose to exercise.  Symptoms (in my case) included, mild depression, exhaustion, exercise of any kind that raised my heart rate knocked me down, weight gain and inability to lose weight.  If you are experiencing any of these, feel free to message me or contact an ND in your area.

Adrenal fatigue is real.  It can be treated or it can be a detriment to your health and happiness. Your choice.





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