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I hope you are all doing well.  As I sit here on my sofa, willing myself well from a cold that has tormented me for nearly a week, bouncing from allergy symptoms to a full fledged cold, I am in awe of where my life has been and where it is today.  Let me explain.

From the young age of 12, I started crash dieting, not feeling like I fit in, not feeling like I would ever find a place I belonged.  I had friends who used me and I allowed it for the sake of having friends.  I was the “fat girl” and all my friends were skinny.  On a funny note, let me share with you my first crash diet ingredients…no breakfast, a Dr. Pepper and a Snickers for lunch and very little to eat for dinner.  I was a walking billboard of health (hahaha)!!

By the age of 30, my eating disorder had gotten so out of hand that I wasn’t binging and purging but binging to the point of having to purge (unprovoked).   I had tried more diets, joined more gyms and become so incredibly unhealthy that my poor body was on the brink of devastation.  Four months into my 30th year I found a solution that introduced to me a remarkable diet of primarily protein, veggies and very limited carbs (1/2 a cup of oatmeal for breakfast).  I dropped 40 lbs so fast and felt liberated and sexy!

Fast forward to 35 and I was back to binging (NOT to the point of purging thank goodness) and the weight was nearly all back on.  I was miserable and lost.  My body was not working properly, my diet was as yoyo’d as it could be and life was becoming a vast black hole of shame and guilt.

I’ve never been one to fight depression, but emotional eating has always been a coping mechanism for me.  After moving to CA, hiring a personal trainer and BEING READY TO GET MY LIFE TOGETHER, I feel into a state of depression like I had never experienced.  I could NOT get off the couch.  What the hell?!?  I was FINALLY making ALL the right decisions and now I experience depression.  Where had I gone wrong.  That’s when I started seeing a naturopathic doctor, got my blood work done and then ALL the pieces fell in place.  I had adrenal fatigue and the doctor said no working out for 2 years. 2 YEARS!!!!  That was the BEST excuse I could have ever asked for.  I did not work out for nearly 2 years.  Then it was time to start all over.  This is my yoyo cycle.  Anyone out there feeling connected yet?

Well, 9 months ago, I reached out to a friend because I was watching her on FB and she was older than me, I had met here at her highest weight and holy shit did she look amazing.  I asked for her help.  She was an online coach and only worked out 30 minutes a day!!! My kind of workout.  She got me hooked up and low and behold, I had actually signed up for this program years earlier and still do this day have no recollection of it.

Now, I see success stories of transformations that happen in 90 days that are AMAZING!  That is not how I can do this.  I signed up as a “premier customer” and got 25% off my products and still do.  I worked out 30 minutes a day and still do.  I drank my superfoods shake almost daily and still do.  And over the last 9 months (not doing this deal anywhere CLOSE to perfectly) I’m down 25 lbs. and counting.

Here is WHY is works for me.  The programs are pre-designed.  The meal plans are laid out if I choose to follow them.  The challenge groups keep me and my challengers accountable.  I became a coach to FORCE my accountability and it WORKS!  I have NO food restrictions except medical restrictions.  I get to eat whatever I want BUT I have handy dandy portion control containers that really help.  My biggest struggle is my travel and one day I will get that right also.

I have plenty of room on my team for anyone who would like to try this way of life.  Food addiction SUCKS and I understand it better than I do any other addiction.  I choose to be a coach to work with women (and men who so desire) who can relate to me and people I can help work through the struggle of making it through the day without a binge.  WON’T YOU JOIN ME?


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