Break On Through to the Other Side

I’ve lived a relatively healthy life for more than a decade now.  And in that decade I can count on one hand how many times I’ve been really sick.  Like call into work sick.  And I don’t even think I’d get to my thumb in that count.

Last Friday I found myself riddled with body aches.  So much so that I couldn’t get my workout in and that bummed me out.  Figuring it was a case of bad allergies or maybe I’d caught a little bug, I laid low and rested up and decided Saturday would be a new day. We had also just started a new Beach Body challenge (22 Hard Corp) and it’s so intense I just figured maybe my body needed a rest.  I’ve been killing it lately with my workouts.  Plans to see the new John Wick were made for Saturday afternoon and thus we watched the first John Wick on Friday night as part of my rest and relaxation.

Saturday rolls around and the body aches are still there.  We get in coffee and some breakfast and low and behold within a couple of hours, I have a fever.  WHAT!?!  I NEVER GET SICK!!! Well, its time to chalk it up to the flu.  Darn it! I’m not a believer in the flu shot because I never get sick so here we go.  We decide if the fever breaks, we’ll go to church on Sunday and enjoy a light hike.  Meanwhile, my incredibly supportive man is taking care of me and making sure I’m as comfortable as possible.

Sunday is here.  The fever has spiked to 101 and I check my throat.  Oh yes, STREP! Now I’m really starting to feel bummed.  I’m not a baby really when I’m sick; I get cranky.  I’m a person who usually has pretty good energy and likes to go, go, go.  Now we’re on day 3 and I can’t do anything.  We end up in Urgent Care and I walk out with an antibiotic prescription and feeling defeated.  Oh and to make matters worse, I can’t eat.  I’m living on chicken bone broth and Shakeology.

Fast forward to Tuesday and I’m still on the mend.  Still recovering.  Still having body aches.  My fever came back last night although it was low.  But my reason for writing this is to give you the backstory and then end it with the positive.

For most of my life, I’ve started and stopped so many programs for eating healthy and getting exercise.  I’ve had gym memberships in my 20’s that went to collections because back then you signed a contract and it was at least a year or sometimes 2 years and I was so young and didn’t have the money and NEVER followed through.  Today, I’ve found what works for me and every single day that I’ve been unable to workout and my fella has been going to the basement to get the workout done, it’s made me sad but also motivated me.  I know if I tried to workout in my current condition it would set me back and believe me, the thought has crossed my mind multiple times a day (except maybe Sunday).

My motivation is to have the healthiest body I can have.  And if that means that I need to spend a few days allowing myself to fight off infection and heal, so be it.  I accept that.  But where the real reward lies is that I’m excited about when my body is finally ready again for me to to get in my basement and get back to it.  The old me would have used this as an excuse to stop.  This me…the one who has passion for what I’m doing…cannot wait to get back to it.

Oh and it also helps to have the best support system in the fitness world I’ve ever encountered.

~So grateful.

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4 thoughts on “Break On Through to the Other Side

  1. Great Post Leigh Ann love your gratitude and ‘stick with it’ attitude make sure your well enough to get back at it take care of your health first❤️

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  2. You are an amazing woman… powerful and wise! I’m so happy you are listening to your body…and…that you’ve found something you believe in and that works for you! I too have been on the see saw of weight loss and gain for years. I love this program and all the support around it! Huge hugs my friend. Also.., I love reading your blogs! You’re a great writer!! 😘

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words! 💜


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