Building My Life Around My Dreams

Have you ever experienced fear of failure?  If you can honestly say no, then I’d be willing to bet that you’re one of few.  Throughout my life, I’ve been crippled with fear of failure and in turn, I’ve never been willing to chase my dreams.  What is my dream?

In my early 20’s I spent a lot of time in this one coffee house in Charlotte, NC that was cozy and comfy and had this vibe of “come in, rest, relax, enjoy, be at peace” and I did all of that there.  I had no idea what GOOD coffee was at the time but I knew how I felt when I was hanging out late at night with my friends and feeling that calm.  I decided back then that I wanted to be the owner of a coffee shop just like that but not in the city.

I was married at the time and my husband was supportive of my idea but neither of us had any idea how to start a business, didn’t have the capital to make it happen and certainly couldn’t (or rather wouldn’t) afford to take a leap of faith with two kids to raise.  And so, my dream lay dormant for many years.  What I did choose to do to get myself some familiarity with being a business owner was to get involved in direct sales with Pampered Chef, which I still do today, but that is not the same as paying overhead, rent and being responsible for someone else’s livelihood.

In 2006, I moved to Alaska and saw what a mountain town was really like and my dream was once again realized.  I made some tremendously wonderful friends; all who were supportive but that never was enough to level that fear into confidence.   I was drowning in that fear and while miserable working at a desk, continued to live on that paycheck.

Fast forward to 2012…my daughter and I left Alaska for California and I knew that would not be my place to open a coffeehouse because I had no doubts about wanting it to be in a mountain state where there was snow and green and I could build it to my specification in my head.  So, in California I was fortunate enough not to work at a desk but to be in sales and travel for a living which brings me to my current living situation.

My dream is once again realized and I am so blessed with the job that I have currently because it brought me to Colorado.  For three years I traveled back and forth to this state and finally decided this is where I’m meant to be.  I moved to Colorado almost two months ago and found my home.  This is where I can FINALLY open my business.  I’m on track and so excited to say that after nearly twenty years of internal battling through the fear, I’m taking steps.  It will take some time as I have things that need to happen in consecutive order BUT, plans are in motion and I am walking through all that fear of self employment and will one day be able to share with you my dream in full force.

To those reading this that have told me how possible it is and always shown me support and love, THANK YOU!

To those reading this who don’t know me but still send me positive vibes, THANK YOU!

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4 thoughts on “Building My Life Around My Dreams

  1. I really enjoyed reading about your journey to realizing your dream – fear can stop us from beginning so many things. I am really happy to see that you plan to move forward. Colorado sounds wonderful. I’ll keep following as you walk this path.

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    1. I’m honored to have your support!


  2. I love your blog! You are speaking my life. I am grateful to know that someone else shares my fears but also has an inner determination to build the life of their dreams. Let’s do this girl!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your comment. I love knowing there are people out there that I can relate to. I love knowing you!!!


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