The Best or The Worst??

When traveling to a place like Monterey Bay, CA most people automatically think….money.  Monterey Bay is considered a very wealthy part of California.  Housing is very expensive, many who live there are retired or entrepreneurs (or so I’ve been told by lifelong Californians).  People I’ve met consider it a big deal to go to Monterey Bay.  The crystal blue waters resemble a tropical paradise, the high cliffs driving when on the Pacific Coast Highway brings about that feeling of the 1950’s Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr film “From Here to Eternity” as the wind blows your hair and the carefree desires fill your mind and heart.

What people don’t think about is renting a hotel room in such an amazing place to find it dirty, dingy and downright unacceptable.  This was my most recent experience at the Embassy Suites hotel in Monterey Bay (or as its properly addressed Seaside, CA).  I had stayed in this hotel once before and been bumped up to the president’s suite which was a wonderful experience.  My second stay in Monterey was at the Hilton Garden Inn which I’ll share with you in another blog at a later date.  This last stay at the Embassy was shocking.  I arrived later in the evening after driving up from the Los Angeles area.  I checked in and was told that I had been upgraded to a corner suite which was very lovely because I knew I would have a lovely view the next morning.  I was only staying the one night so I didn’t unpack but I did instantly want to sleep.  I walked into my room and the main part of the room was lovely…there was a nice living area with a couch and television, sliding glass doors with a walk-on balcony and a small kitchenette.  Then came the bed and bathroom.

The bathroom was my first stop and at first glance, it looked fine.  I did my normal nightly routine of taking of my makeup and taking out my contacts and then went to close the curtains.  To my amazement, the curtains were some sort of vinyl that was cracked and falling apart and therefore wouldn’t close and stay closed so I moved the luggage rack in front of them to hold them closed.  I’m a creature of habit and sleep on the same side of the bed everywhere I go but in this case, the lamp wouldn’t work on that side of my bed so I went to slide in on the other side to read before going to sleep and oh my! As you’ll see in the pictures, my sheets were stained AND had holes in them.  This is not the standard I’ve come to know and love for Hilton Brand hotels.  What I didn’t take pictures of were the black stained tub floors and the paint chipping and wood cracking on the bathroom door.

Many of the Hilton brands that I frequent are currently undergoing major renovations.  I high suggest to this Embassy Suites that they do the same and soon!

While I’m very appreciate of the excellent customer service at this Embassy Suites, I am thoroughly disappointed in the upkeep of the room I was in and the lack of attention to detail housekeeping seems to have.  This is a hotel I will not stay in again unless it’s renovated.


A coi fish pond is always a lovely touch in the lobby.  This was a great area.


The view of the breakfast area coming down the elevator.IMG_4854

Can you find the stains and holes?IMG_4853

The curtains appear to be water damaged and this was before I put the luggage rack in front of them.  This was the best they would close.

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