Continuation of Life

In the past four years I’ve had a number of blogs. One about my broken heart, one about my love of cooking and food that then switched to my move from Alaska to North Carolina to California in a span of five months. Whew!  I can sure live life in a whirlwind. Now, I have three active blogs. This one, which I’m not sure how it will turn out but I think its going to just be about my love and passion for lifr, my goals and dreams (because I am a believer of putting dreams out to the universe to make them come to life) and my travels. My second blog is about ghost towns because they facinate me and I love to find them and write about them (although life has been a little too busy lately and I’ve neglected that passion some but will get back to it because of my flexibility which leads to my third and main blog….being a hotel nomad). 

I have so much passion for life and for one of the first times in my life I’m not cloudy in what I want to do and where I want to end up. I am currently working on my fifteen year plan to retire at 55 years old and follow my lifelong dream of opening and running a coffeehouse. Currently my focus is on my career and that affords me travel all over the country but maily the western states. Because of my steady travel life, I no longer have a place to live and therefore I am now a self proclaimed hotel-nomad. I live a very charmed life with little stress, lots of amazing friends and no place to call home. This is, by far, my greatest journey. 

I invite anyone who wishes to follow any or all of these blogs. They are personal and meant to be fun and show off the country with a little international travel mixed in and my passion for all that life has to offer. My current trip is heading to the Bay area of California. I woke this morning in Monterey, CA and will share this day with you later. Until then…..

Peace and love

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