Hi there. Welcome to my page.  I’m so glad you stopped by.

My name is Leigh Ann and I’m glad you’re here.  All my life I’ve danced with food and around nutrition fighting myself for weight loss and happiness.  I believed that I could only find happiness in being skinny.  Today I know that happiness and skinny aren’t the dynamic duo.  I’m happy, I’m strong and I’m here to help you be happy and strong.  Where does it start?  THE MINDSET.

Next, we go down the nutrition lane to see how your eating is and what foods need to be eliminated to help you thrive.  I have multiple options to choose from for this and would love to guide you, assist you and challenge you to make the best choices for your life.

Healing takes time.  You’ll want to give up.  You’ll get angry, perhaps at me.  But I will be one of your biggest cheerleaders and will fight for you, with you and maybe even against you to help you stay true to your path of healing and health.

Are you ready to join me?

Most sincerely,

Leigh Ann

The Whole Health Dame